Hi! My name is Mayra Perdomo, and I am anything but your average woman.

Many people ask me what I do, and when I say everything,  it’s just a little bit difficult for people to understand.  As a personal assistant to Millionaires and Billionaires, in addition to being an Executive Assistant to Global director and Vice Presidents, I have had to literally do everything not only for my clients/employers and their businesses, but for their families in addition to managing their staff as well. Over the years I have acquired various skill sets that make me invaluable to any company.  I have created this site as a testament to my life’s work and to present to future clientele what I am capable of.

I believe we are limitless creatures and I have chosen a life that reflects that. I have been blessed in my life to have several opportunities present themselves and I have taken full advantage of all of them. In doing so I have been privy to change my career several times.  

I have 5 years experience in outside business to business sales working 6 days a week / 12 hours a day; working my way up to assistant manager and helping my manager expand and open 3 offices, then moving on to learning import/export and manufacturing in various countries for various companies,  then managing several accounts (QVC, Ross Stores, etc) for a jewelry company from the prototype phase, to production, shipping, confirming receipt of goods, creating reports tracking sales. Then switching careers to having a New York State Real Estate License, NYS Life Insurance License, Notary Public License, and now studying for my securities license.

I have also endeavored into freelancing, relationship and life coaching, interior design, mounting and putting up TV’s, shelves, gallery installation and just about anything you can mount to a wall. Yes, I do that, and yes I have my own tools!  

I was also the office manager, Director of Operations Assistant, Community Management Assistant, Responsible for driver payroll and TLC specialist at Uber NYC when they first opened in New York! I wore so many hats at Uber that I chose to freelance and have been doing so.

I’ve even been an extra in small films and movies, and an executive producer for a few of my friends’ films. I’ve tried everything I wanted to try, I’ve done everything I wanted to do and now I’m just trying to put it all together to fulfill my life’s purpose.

As a start-up consultant, I help people with the start-up process until they are profitable, and if they are already profitable I help them increase their brand recognition to acquire new clients. I also throw networking events that connect entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs to learn from one another and create new partnerships.

Currently, I am filming a documentary/docuseries called www.theindigenousdocumentary.com. I will be embarking on a one-year trip around the world interviewing indigenous tribes and modern day people who practice indigenous ways to try and preserve their ways including how they heal and use music. Any donations in the form of monetary donations, airline miles, office space, or skills (Marketing, Public Relations, App Development, Website Development, Newsletter Creation, Grant Writing, Content Creation, Administrative Assistance, Copy Editing, Legal Assistance, and more) are welcome. If you would like to donate your time and skills please contact me at theindigenousdocumentary@gmail.com.

This is just the beginning….

I just want to help people make their dreams come true. As a connector, start-up consultant, entrepreneur and lightworker I assist others in their endeavors. This site is just a testament to the work I have done and am working on.

If you would like to contact me to discuss upcoming projects or speaking engagements feel free to contact me at mayra@mayraperdomo.com


Mayra Perdomo